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Parker Hannifin Living Learning Community

Through the Parker Hannifin Living Learning Community, a limited number of Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) graduates receive free room and board and support services for their first two years of study at Cleveland State University, as part of the Say Yes to Education program. This initiative creates an innovative living and learning community that advances our ability to deliver the kind of on-campus experience that will assist students in graduating on time and with the skills needed to have a successful career in their field of choice.

The program has been developed to provide students with a residential experience that integrates academic support, leadership training, mentorship and experiential learning. The unique features of the program include a residential curriculum, graduation coaching model and comprehensive wrap around services.  

The Parker Hannifin Living Learning Community assists students with how to successfully navigate their way to and through higher education as well as facilitate intentional and in-depth communication and understanding among students of diverse backgrounds and identities. Students will experience how to be accountable to their inclusive community. The community engages in strengths-based practices to identify and/or confirm the educational pathway that best suits their abilities. 

The Parker Hannifin LLC focuses on leadership development and career exploration.

Your support on Giving Day helps with instructional support such as books, and fills the gap for students' learning materials not previously anticipated. Thank you!! 

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