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CSU Police Department-Therapy Dog Program

In the Spring of 2022, Cleveland State University Police Department joined a little over three hundred Law enforcement agencies around the country by introducing a Therapy Dog Program.  We introduced Rune & Thor, two Labrador Retrievers that melted the hearts of our community in many ways.  

Rune is assigned to the Crime Prevention unit, Day Shift.  Thor is assigned to Patrol, Night shift.  Both have vital roles as our newest Viking ambassadors.  

Both have provided invaluable support to the community. They have comforted and encouraged survivors to tell their stories. They have wiped the tears of students in distress.  They have comforted those missing home. They have supported students during exam week. And most importantly they bring a smile to anyone they touch.   From “Pop Up’ visits to the classroom, Crisis intervention, Campus events these pups have become true Viking ambassadors.

We are asking our community to help us fund this program. All funding would assist with food, veterinary cost, and vehicle equipment to properly transport our precious Viking ambassadors.

So on Giving Day 2023, we ask for your help to give these Viking ambassadors the proper care and equipment they need and deserve to continue to serve our community.

Giving Day 2023 Total Dollars Raised
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Rank Department Raised
1 Woodling Gym Enhancement Project $136,066.60
2 Wrestling $64,315.89
3 Swimming & Diving $56,936.00
4 Men's and Women's Tennis $36,356.00
5 Lacrosse $35,553.00
Giving Day 2023 Total Donors
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Rank Department Donors
1 Lacrosse 392
2 Wrestling 346
3 Men's and Women's Golf 259
4 Men's and Women's Tennis 228
5 Volleyball 188
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