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School of Film & Media Arts

The School of Film & Media Arts prepares students for a successful career in the film industry through an intensive project-based curriculum. After acquiring a strong foundation in cinematic storytelling, students have the opportunity to specialize in their chosen fields. We believe the best way to master the craft of filmmaking is to create original work. Our students start making films and telling stories within their first year in a dynamic and collaborative environment, and continue to hone their skills until graduation.

While the BFA program offers rigorous and focused coursework with tracks of specialization, the B.A. in Film & Media Arts presents a more flexible approach to cinematic arts with a creative and hands-on curriculum. 

Our 36,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility located atop the Idea Center with stunning views of downtown Cleveland provides a perfect home for our community of filmmakers. Our dedicated and diverse group of faculty bring a wealth of experience to the classroom each day as we cultivate a professional, collaborative and nurturing environment.

Thank you for considering donating to the CSU School of Film & Media Arts. Your generous gifts will:

  • Support student film productions through a production fund award,
  • Add state-of-the-art audio finishing tools, making it possible to create professional level sound mixes for our students,
  • Support the School of Film & Media Arts Guest Speaker program, which provides valuable professional growth opportunities for film students,
  • Help upkeep our equipment and facilities as needed.

Also, if you contribute a gift of $1,000, your name or the name of a person you would like to honor will be elegantly engraved on a plaque affixed to one of the 67 seats in the School of Film & Media Arts Screening Room.

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