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Operation STEM

Operation STEM (OpSTEM) is a program that offers interactive and engaging experiences for incoming first-year students pursuing STEM degrees. OpSTEM's primary mission is to provide students the resources needed to excel in their precalculus-calculus courses, develop successful academic practices and work with like-minded peers pursuing STEM degrees. The program is offered at no cost to the student.

Operation STEM annually serves 105* incoming, first-year, first generation STEM majors (OpSTEM Scholars) who will engage in:

  • 1-credit Introduction to University Life General Education course
  • 2-week Summer Math Enrichment & College Prep Program
    • AKA "OpSTEM Summer Institute"
  • Supplemental Math Classes Taught by STEM Peer Teachers (150 mins./wk.)*
  • Academic Course Guidance
  • Monetary Stipends for the OpSTEM Scholars
  • STEM Professional Speaker Series
  • College Success & Career Prep Workshops
  • OpSTEM Textbook Scholarship
  • FREE 8-week, 4-credit Summer Calculus I Course 

*In addition, to our 105 OpSTEM Scholars, we serve an additional 350+ students in the Precalculus and Calculus courses each semester. 

Every gift, of any amount, makes a difference! 

  • $25  -   2 Hours of Tutoring and Mentoring
  • $50 -   Meals & Study Materials per student per year
  • $100 - 1-week Summer Institute Stipend per student
  • $200 - 2-week Summer Institute Stipend per student
  • $500 - Meals & Study Materials and 2-week Summer Institute Stipends for 2 students
  • $1000 - Tutoring, Study Materials, Speaker Series, Workshops, Mentoring, Meals, Stipends, STEM Peer Teachers, and Academic Course Guidance per student/per year.

Thank you for your support! 

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