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Lift Up Vikes! Resource Center & Food Pantry

41% of all college students are deemed “Food Insecure”  (The Hope Center)


Your support of the Lift Up Vikes! Resource Center & Food Pantry will provide food and other basic needs for students facing food and housing insecurity. Our pantry needs 5,000 pounds of food each month to meet demand, and every dollar makes a difference. Each dollar can provide 5 pounds of food. 

YOUR monetary donation makes a huge impact on the success of the pantry and the food/supplies we can provide for our students who need it most.

  • $1000 …    5,000 lbs   FILLS THE PANTRY FOR A MONTH!
  • $500   …    2,500 lbs
  • $250   …    1,250 lbs
  • $100   …       500 lbs
  • $ 50    …       250 lbs

What is food insecurity? Food Insecurity means being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Food insecure students frequently have to choose between food or textbooks, food or rent, and food or medicine.    

Lift Up Vikes! offers a convenient, dignified and compassionate process through which CSU students are connected to resources that supplement nutritional and other basic human needs as they strive to earn a college degree. 

Thank you for your support!

Giving Day 2023 Total Dollars Raised
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Rank Department Raised
1 Woodling Gym Enhancement Project $136,066.60
2 Wrestling $64,315.89
3 Swimming & Diving $56,936.00
4 Men's and Women's Tennis $36,356.00
5 Lacrosse $35,553.00
Giving Day 2023 Total Donors
See which area has the most donors today!
Rank Department Donors
1 Lacrosse 392
2 Wrestling 346
3 Men's and Women's Golf 259
4 Men's and Women's Tennis 228
5 Volleyball 188
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