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Men's Basketball

Our men's team has greatly benefitted from your commitments over recent years through your support focused on our auxiliary gym and competitive travel schedule opportunities. Your support continues to be essential in positively impacting our ability to recruit high caliber prospects and enhance the men's basketball program

Through your contributions on Giving Day 2023, we look to benefit our student-athletes with enhanced nutritional support for pre and post workouts.

Help us achieve our goals both on and off the court as we aim to engage 125 donors!  Thank you in advance for your gift to the men's basketball  team.

Men's BB - Double your gift!!
Make a donation to men's basketball and your gift will be doubled (up to $2500)
Men's BB - Unlock $2,500!
If 30 gifts are made to men's basketball during this block, a generous donor will contribute $2500!
Giving Day 2023 Total Donors
See which area has the most donors today!
Rank Department Donors
1 Lacrosse 392
2 Wrestling 346
3 Men's and Women's Golf 259
4 Men's and Women's Tennis 228
5 Volleyball 188
Men's BB - Unlock $5,000!!
If 30 gifts are given to men's basketball over this 5-hour block, $5,000 will be donated by a generous donor!
Giving Day 2023 Total Dollars Raised
See which area has raised the most money today!
Rank Department Raised
1 Woodling Gym Enhancement Project $136,066.60
2 Wrestling $64,315.89
3 Swimming & Diving $56,936.00
4 Men's and Women's Tennis $36,356.00
5 Lacrosse $35,553.00
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