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Alumni Assoc Huron Road Hospital School of Nursing

Opened in 1884, Huron Road Hospital was committed to understanding and serving the needs of its community on Cleveland’s east side for 137 years. The hospital and its School of Nursing were firmly devoted to service, compassion, respect, quality and integrity in the context of medical excellence and social responsibility.

The Alumni Association of the Huron Road Hospital School of Nursing shares a special relationship with CSU dating back to 1954. Nearly seventy years later, our mutual goal of educating the next generation of nurses remains.

For many years, the Alumni Association provided scholarships to its students and alumni to complete and further their nursing education. When the school closed, the Alumni Association made a significant financial gift to endow a scholarship at CSU’s School of Nursing.

This fund benefits students in CSU’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. There is a preference that the recipient be a student (or their relative) who graduated from Huron Road School of Nursing. Students who meet this criteria are usually enrolled in CSU’s RN-BSN program. If no such recipient is available, the scholarship will be awarded to a BSN student who has demonstrated financial need and academic merit.

Thank you for supporting this special scholarship!

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