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Cleveland State University Counseling Center


College students are struggling with increased rates of anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide that affect their ability to study. A recent study showed that 79% of college students endorsed a moderate or high level of stress in the last 30 days. And, 40% of students surveyed endorsed having thought about suicide in the last year. 

We are making a difference at CSU! At the Counseling Center, we provide support and empowerment for our diverse students to overcome barriers, we help students through crises, and we connect them to resources. Our most recent data show that our students experience more suicidal thoughts than students at other university counseling centers. Our staff and our campus-wide Suicide Prevention Task Force are working to help prevent suicide and improve our students’ overall well-being.

You can be part of the solution! Help us provide mental health resources to CSU students. This year, we most want to raise funds for two important needs:

  • Materials, Advertising, and Incentives for hosting an Anxiety and Depression Screening Day ($500/50-75 students)
  • Fees to cover psychiatry appointments for students with demonstrated financial need ($30/one session)

What will your gift provide?

$900      Psychiatry appointments for 30 students

$500      1 Anxiety and Depression Screening Day, 50-75 students reached

$300      Psychiatry appointments for 10 students

*Any amount will help, so please consider donating $20. Thank you!! 

Giving Day 2022 Total Dollars Raised
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Rank Department Raised
1 Swimming & Diving $71,445.00
2 Wrestling $47,110.00
3 Men's and Women's Golf $39,875.00
4 Men's and Women's Tennis $35,706.00
5 Building A Community Of Learners Fund $33,111.44
Giving Day 2022 Total Donors
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Rank Department Donors
1 Wrestling 309
2 Lacrosse 270
3 Men's and Women's Tennis 222
4 Swimming & Diving 220
5 Men's and Women's Golf 191
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