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Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease

The Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease (GRHD) is a time-tested, proven model for advancement of biomedical science at CSU and a recognized (by the Ohio Department of Higher Education) Center of Excellence at CSU. GRHD brings together 17 full-time CSU faculty members from 3 departments in the College of Sciences and Health Professions with some 100 graduate and undergraduate students, post-docs, and technicians working in the GRHD labs. 


The Center focuses on research to improve understanding of biological processes and how malfunction of these processes results in various diseases. GRHD researchers are making break-through contributions to human health, while simultaneously providing opportunities to high quality basic research to a diverse population of students at CSU. One of the missions of the Center is to develop and promote Cleveland State University’s reputation as a local, national and international leader in Gene Regulation in Health and Disease.


Today we are aiming to engage donors to support GRHD's Pilot and Bridge Funding Program. This program complements and enhances research programs already underway and generates pilot and bridge grants for GRHD researchers, thus helping them to leverage national funding.

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