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Our court space in Woodling Gym provides a nice three court training area and for enhanced student athlete well-being purposes, we are focusing on cardio and training machines.  The equipment assists us as we have student-athletes maintain their conditioning and strength while out with injuries or while rehabbing injuries. We envision a rowing machine, stationary bike(s), and at least one other cardio piece which will help our student-athletes remain engaged in practice while also moving along the path of recovery.

With our quest to be the best, your continued support provides us the opportunity to identify and develop the best student-athletes in the CLASSROOM, in the COMMUNITY and on the COURT.  Through your support on Giving Day 2022, we will expand the our Woodling Gym cardio/rehab equipment that will help us in our pursuit of more Horizon League titles and future trips to the NCAA tournament. 

Thank you for your support of the volleyball  team as we aim to engage 200 donors!


Giving Day 2022 Total Dollars Raised
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Rank Department Raised
1 Swimming & Diving $71,445.00
2 Wrestling $47,110.00
3 Men's and Women's Golf $39,875.00
4 Men's and Women's Tennis $35,706.00
5 Building A Community Of Learners Fund $33,111.44
Giving Day 2022 Total Donors
See which area has the most donors today!
Rank Department Donors
1 Wrestling 309
2 Lacrosse 270
3 Men's and Women's Tennis 222
4 Swimming & Diving 220
5 Men's and Women's Golf 191
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