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Men's and Women's Tennis

Our men's and women's  teams continue to benefit from regional, national and international competition as we lead the Horizon League in conference championships (8 out of the last 12 years). 

Your commitment supports our sustained success on and off the courts as we continue to create recruiting advantages through having the opportunity to compete in our on campus, indoor facility, the Medical Mutual Tennis Pavilion, along with the opportunities presented to our student-athletes by being located on a vibrant, downtown collegiate campus. Your contributions on Giving Day 2022 will help us provide our student-athletes with racket support, spring travel for outdoor court experience, and expanded practice and competition apparel.


1) $10,000 MATCHING GIFT- A generous, but anonymous, donor has stepped up to match the first $10,000 that gets donated to CSU TENNIS!  Give early.  Give often!  Make your gift count twice!

2) VIKING TENNIS PRIZE PACK #1 - Anyone who gives $20 or more between midnight at 7am will be entered in a raffle to win this grab-bag of CSU gear!

3) VIKING TENNIS PRIZE PACK #2 - See above but for donations from 7am to noon! 

4) BABOLAT TENNIS RACQUET - Anyone who gives $25 or more between noon and 4pm will be entered into a raffle to win a Babolat Pure Drive with a 4 1/4 grip!

5) HAPPY HOUR BOURBON - Anyone (21 and over) who donates $30 or more between 4pm and 7pm will be entered into a raffle to win a bottle of EH Taylor Bourbon!  

6) FREE COURT TIME - Anyone who donates $40 or more between the hours of 7pm to midnight will be entered into a raffle to win 1 hour of free court time, per week,  at the CSU Tennis Facility for the entire summer!

7) COURT SCHEDULING PRIVLEGES - Although you can do this anytime during the year. . .no better time than Giving Day!   EVERYONE who donates $350 during any part of the day will get 7-day advance court privileges!  Normal court booking privileges is 3 days in advance.  The upgraded status is good for one full year.

Help us reach our goal of engaging 175 donors! Thank you and GO VIKES!

A Different Kind of Tennis Match
A gift from an anonymous donor - Will match the first $10,000 to Tennis!
$10,000 MATCHED
Giving Day 2022 Total Donors
See which area has the most donors today!
Rank Department Donors
1 Wrestling 309
2 Lacrosse 270
3 Men's and Women's Tennis 222
4 Swimming & Diving 220
5 Men's and Women's Golf 191
Giving Day 2022 Total Dollars Raised
See which area has raised the most money today!
Rank Department Raised
1 Swimming & Diving $71,445.00
2 Wrestling $47,110.00
3 Men's and Women's Golf $39,875.00
4 Men's and Women's Tennis $35,706.00
5 Building A Community Of Learners Fund $33,111.44
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