The Physics Department provides a high quality, affordable, and flexible education with extensive opportunities for student engagement. These include faculty coordinated research, involvement in teaching activities, outreach in the community, and a nationally recognized chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS). The goals of our degree programs are to provide thorough training in modern and applied physics, preparing students with the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of Northeast Ohio, and compete in a national and international economy.

However, many of our students are in need of financial support in order to be able to pursue their studies and fulfill their aspirations. This is especially true after the pandemic. Your gift today will enable the department to provide support through a scholarship fund to meritorious students majoring in Physics who have a financial need.

Every donation, of any amount, helps our students realize their potential and continue their physics education without worrying about earning income from multiple jobs. We are grateful for your donation!

Personal thanks from current recipients of the scholarships supported by the funds raised during the Physics Giving Day:

“From an early point in my college career I have been supporting myself financially, both in school and my personal life. This has led me to spend many hours outside of class drawn away from my studies by other work. The Giving Day Scholarship has been a very beneficial factor in giving me more time and energy to focus on my education and passion: physics. I am extremely grateful to have been a recipient of this award and I know its continuation will be of great benefit to future recipients.”

James Taton, 2024 Physics Giving Day Scholarship Recipient

“I made the difficult decision to leave my career in IT because I felt an insatiable intellectual curiosity I couldn't ignore. While pursuing my studies is incredibly fulfilling, the financial burden of transitioning careers has been challenging. I have always wanted to contribute to the body of knowledge in Physics. Receiving this scholarship empowers me to further my education and potentially contribute meaningful research in this field. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your support. Knowing that individuals believe in my potential and are invested in my academic journey fuels my determination and motivates me to excel. I am committed to utilizing this opportunity to its fullest. Thank you once again for your incredible generosity.”

Jeremiah Greene, 2024 Physics Giving Day Scholarship Recipient

Giving Day 2024 Total Dollars Raised
See which area has raised the most money today!
Rank Department Raised
1 Men's Soccer $70,083.00
2 Woodling Gym Enhancement Project $67,105.00
3 Lacrosse $55,728.34
4 Wrestling $53,965.00
5 Men's and Women's Tennis $41,936.00
Giving Day 2024 Total Donors
See which area has the most donors today!
Rank Department Donors
1 Lacrosse 549
2 Swimming & Diving 241
3 Wrestling 227
4 Men's and Women's Tennis 218
5 Men's and Women's Golf 208
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